5 Reasons Why Led Lights are Better than HPS (Led Grow Lights vs HPS)

led grow lights vs hps infographic

LED grow lights are taking the market by storm and if you still don’t know why read on.

Here are the top five reasons why you should choose LED over HPS lights.

1. LED Produces Higher Yields

HPS lights have been known to produce the biggest yields for decades back, but that time is over. The standard 600 HPS lights produce up to 300 grams of quality weed. That means that the HPS produces 0.5 grams per watt.

On the other hand. LED produces as much as 1.5 grams per watt. The technology behind LED lights is able to focus the entire light spectrum better than HPS, feeding your plants with more photons than ever before.

2. Superior Quality

LED lights alone won’t be enough to give you top of the line buds, but if you combine these lights with some high-quality hydroponics, you will get some super advanced and rich plants.

These lights can produce twice the amount of terpenes in comparison to the old HPS lights. That means that your buds will have a richer flavor, and more importantly, higher levels of CBD and THC.

3. Ideal Light Spectrum

Thinking that the wattage is the only thing you need for high-quality growing is completely wrong. Wattage is one thing, but if you want to have great results, you will have to tune in the light waves and the right light spectrum and quality.

Always check the PAR value (photosynthetical active radiation) because it tells you how much light is available for your plants. HPS lights are known to have lower PAR levels compared to LED lights. Again, another important feature where the LED beats HPS hands down.

4. Led Uses Less Electricity

Growing indoors is awesome, but you should expect an increase in your electricity bill. But, if you compare the power usage of LEDs to HPS lights, the difference is quite big. So, you’ll get better light quality and save some money while you’re at it.

5. It Is Cheaper

When you compare the price tag on most LED and HPS lights, you will notice that there isn’t much difference initially. Still, LED lights end up being much cheaper because they last for years, unlike HPS light bulbs, that need changing all the time. Plus, LED lights use far less power. If you do some maths, you will quickly understand why LED lights are a much better choice.

Also, LED lights always stay cool. What more could you possibly want?

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