Legalization of Cannabis is happening all over the world in the last decade and people are starting to grow their own plants indoors. Before you had to make your own hydroponics systems and use neon lights or something similar, but today, you can buy tons of specialized equipment designed to simplify the growing process and give you the best results.

When the legalization started, many companies saw that as a chance to make a lot of money so they started producing everything you need for growing. That includes grow tents, hydroponic systems, lighting, air filters, and so on.

If you are new to Cannabis growing, you probably don’t even know where to start looking and what products to buy. The market is packed with different brands and models of everything, so making the right choice can be very tricky.

Who We Are

We represent a team of passionate growers with plenty of experience in indoor Cannabis growing between us. Some of us have been growing medical marijuana legally for decades now, so we know exactly how everything works and what gives you the best possible results. We have tried hundreds of different products used for Cannabis growing and it took us over five years to figure out which ones had the biggest potential.

We decided to gather all the relative information onto this site, aiming to help others choose the type of equipment they need for successful indoor growing. You can find everything in our reviews, from the grow tents and hydroponics to the plant supplements and LED lights. You need all of these elements to have a good batch, so make sure you choose very wisely.

We hope that you found our articles helpful and that we really did help you in your search.

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